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A new concept of virtual hearing ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE has been introduced by Hon’ble Shri S.A.Bobde recently, named as “SUPACE”. This is a complete blend of human and machine intelligence. The curiosity to know and have knowledge about a new thing automatically comes to the human mind. This blog, deals with the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (SUPACE), it's working and uses in the Indian Judiciary.


Central Public Information Officer, Supreme Court of India v. Subhash Chandra Agarwal: Right to Information and Judicial Independence

The citizen’s Right to Know is one of the significant ingredients of a democratic country. India demands transparent and accountable government to establish open and good governance. The sovereignty of India lies with ‘the people of India’. We choose our own representative therefore; it is our right to know about the machinery of the country. The need to control the mal administration of the government is important. Right to Information Act was formulated in 2005 which comes within the ambit of Article 19(1)(A) of the Constitution of India which ensures the fundamental right to Freedom of Speech and Expression. Many landmark judgments elaborated and clarified the concept of open governance. In the modern era, people are more vigil about their rights and they constitute the democracy. So, they expect the government to deliver. Central Public Information Officer, Supreme Court of India v. Subhash Chandra Agarwal, 2019, it was held by the Constitution Bench of Supreme Court that Supreme Court comes under the scope of “public authority”. Therefore, it is covered under Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI Act). It is one of the landmark judgments which took a limelight in recent years.


Misuse of Gender Laws in India

This paper, titled ‘Misuse of Gender Laws in India’, attempts to put forth some major loopholes in our Judicial System with respect to gender-oriented laws. It tries to make a sincere effort to understand how and why these loopholes get exploited by a section of society. It aims to critically evaluate, study and examine the major difference between what was intended by some laws versus what actually became of them through their massive misuse. This is one of those areas which has just started to gain momentum among the masses, but the legal and societal recognition of which has not received enough attention. There is also a significant dearth of quality literature available in this respect.


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