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Succession of State in Respect to State Responsibility

Law Student BA LLB (Hons), Manipal University Jaipur

This paper aims to look at the interrogation of state succession in terms of state duty. However, the focus of this article will be on whether, under worldwide law, the prospect of succession towards responsibilities resulting from a predecessor State's international responsibility is possible when that responsible precursor State concludes to exist. International Law Commission Commission's carried the direction of covering this issue because of its relevance. Moreover, during its sixty-ninth assembly, the Commission carried out its work programme, in which the Commission has written draught pieces and taken a stand that will be analysed critically. As a result, this work examines a portion of the limited and heterogeneous state activity and related literature and legislative tools in this area. However, it has been claimed that they are not exceptions to non-succession in and of themselves but rather solutions. Moreover, it was granted by international law in areas other than the succession of states. As a result, these 'departures' from the general norm will be examined in order to conclude to determine the nature of the situation.

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