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Sport refers to an activity that involves physical and mental abilities. Sports have always been a vital part of human lives. Sports in India range from traditional, common, and famous sports like kabaddi, cricket, hockey, etc., and some other sports which are not known to many people. India has performed tremendously in the realm of sports and has been hosting plenty of domestic and international sports events as well. It has earned many awards in global spaces like the Olympics, commonwealth games, etc. In addition, India encourages the youth and has opened various universities for the same.Despite everything, India still lacks in the area. India faces problems that are still unrecognized and are not acted upon, even if recognized. The roots of the issues are hard to reach consideration yet can be done. The problems start and keep going on and probably never end. However, recognition is our duty, and acting on them is our right; hence let us move on to the grim reality of sports in India.