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"Ganga Jamuna: Navigating the Censor Board's Intricacies - A Cinematic Tale of Certification and Controversy"

Recently, news about the movie "Ganga Jamuna" was featured in the newspaper on November 6th. The news revolved around Dilip Kumar's six-month journey with the Censor Board for the film "Ganga Jamuna." In 1961, the movie, directed by Nitin Bose and starring Dilip Kumar, was released. Dilip Kumar also produced the film. However, the film encountered numerous challenges with the Censor Board, leading to 250 cuts and an 'A' certificate due to its focus on the Uttar Pradesh belt, featuring dialogues in the Awadhi dialect. This blog delves into the functioning of the Indian Censor Board and the process of issuing film certificates with reference to Ganga Jamuna.