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Probation of Offenders Act 1958: An Overview

An accused person should be given a chance of reformation that he would lose if he is incarcerated in prison and associates with hardened criminals.


Difference between Kidnapping and Abduction

The word “kidnapping” has been derived from the word ‘kid’ meaning child and ‘napping’ to steal. Thus the word literally means “child stealing”. However, under the Indian Penal Code it is not confined to child stealing. It has been given broader implication, i.e., carrying away of a human being against his/her consent, or the person accused removes the person from his/her lawful guardianship.


‘Evaluation of the working of Reformative theory in India’

Reformative theory of punishment is widely being accepted and implemented theories of punishment around the world. It is backed by the ideology that prisons should be converted into reformed homes. The motives behind the offences must be examined; there should be made a way so that the offender could go back to mainstream society.


Theories of Punishment

With the change in the social structure, society has witnessed various punishment theories and the radical changes that they have undergone from the traditional to the modern level and the crucial problems relating to them.