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Post COVID-19 India and its Emerging Challenges

Post COVID-19 India and its Emerging Challenges


Rakshandha Darak.
Third-year student, B.A LL.B (Hons)
Alliance University, Bangalore.

COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of life. It has raised concerns around the world regarding health, peace and security. This pandemic has brought everyone's life to a standstill, and hence it has affected everyone and everything around the world. But in this pandemic, India has played its role on the frontline mission. This pandemic has not only come with health issues but also with a lot of challenges to different nations. The role of the World Health Organization has been questioned at every stage of the outbreak.

India on a frontline mission

In this pandemic, India has played a vital role in world diplomacy. It played its role at two stages; one at the national level and another at the international level. At the national level, appropriate steps were taken by the Indian Government to control the spread of COVID-19. At the international level, it took an initiative to help other countries to fight with this pandemic. But this fact cannot be denied that India is among the worst affected countries in the Asian region due to this pandemic. This pandemic has affected the Indian economy adversely. India was among the first countries in the world to announce an early lockdown of the entire nation and as well as the biggest lockdown in the world followed by 4 phases. It is currently suffering from the problem of rising COVID-19 cases as the number of infected persons is increasing tremendously at an irregular pace.

Post COVID-19: Rebirth of India

Post COVID-19, India has to reinvent its every sector to survive in the world. This crisis has given an opportunity for India to build its institutional and governance capacity. There are certain sectors which will play an important part in the rebuilding of India post COVID-19.

1) Healthcare: In this pandemic, the healthcare facility of India has transformed at a great pace. It has made itself capable of facing an unpredictable crisis. Eventually, the healthcare industry of India has in itself built many facilities that will soon give them the benefits as soon as this pandemic resides. Not only the healthcare industry will boom, but with the help of public communications and disaster preparedness, the healthcare industry will get matured to tackle the unpredictable events in near future. More than that, The Serum Institute of India (SII) which is located in Pune is one of the largest manufactures of the vaccines in the world. SII has partnered with the Oxford University vaccine development team to make a vaccine for Coronavirus disease. If the trials of the vaccine get successful at every stage, SII will produce millions of doses by the year-end. Thus, it provides India with an opportunity to invest in the local marketing entrepreneurs and hence building a pedestal for Indian research, development and innovation[1].

2) Intra Governmental Collaboration: In this crisis, we have seen that state government and the central government have collaborated to work together for the Indian people. The spirit of coordination among the leaders of different of ideologies gives birth to determination, collaboration and confidence to fight this pandemic. This will ultimately lead to strengthen our federal structure and hence ensure decentralized government.

3) Capitalization and diversification of the global supply chain: Every country in this world is trying to reduce its dependence on China and hence trying to become self-sufficient and independent. Ultimately, this will lead to the diversification of the Asian markets and hence will be a big opportunity for the Indian markets to settle and flourish their business. Post COVID-19, the countries which will take advantage of the gradual economic shift will get established as the world powers. In this situation, it is very obvious that the gradual economic shift will also lead to the shift of balance of power in the hands of Asian countries as they are believed to have a tiger economy. Thus, implying that they can overcome any circumstance quickly. So it's a good opportunity for India to boost its manufacturing sectors, services sectors and also expand the arena of ease of doing business.

But the above-mentioned agendas are only possible if there is peace, unity and as well as welfare for the Indian people. As soon as the pandemic resides, it is not possible to start life again in a normal mode. This pandemic has changed the way in which life has to be seen. It has led to unemployment, inflation, insecurity among all the nations of the world. Since the beginning of this pandemic, world peace has vanished. To ensure peace, unity, security and welfare for the Indian people it can opt for the mechanism of extending its role to include the universal social welfare mechanism for all its citizens. This will lead to the amendment of Article 37, a part of DPSP (Directive Principles of State Policy) of the Indian Constitution. Thus, the provisions under this section will become enforceable by the courts[2].

Secondly, it will be a major blunder to think that, the organized or tertiary sector will pull India out of the post-pandemic economy crises. So to make India, "Atmanirbhar Bharat" the major contribution will be done by small and local enterprises and entrepreneurs situated all across the country. This has allowed giving priority to both life and livelihood of people. For this, they have to get registered with the government so that the funds can be allocated to them and virtually they can start their business. This will mark the beginning of the new phase of the Indian economy.

Lastly, to make the above measures successful, India has to opt for local self-governance. Because when the funds will be allotted by the government to the local enterprise and entrepreneurs, the operational base for the new distributive economy will begin. Though currently, we have the system of local self-governance but it is an outdated one. It needs to get reformed so as ensure the rebirth of India with a successful economy.


This pandemic has accustomed people to see things in a very different sense. Currently, every country in this world is trying every possible measure available to them to protect their citizens from this pandemic. The real struggle does not lie in how you face this pandemic. It actually lies in how you ensure your survival after the pandemic resides. To ensure people their normal living is a hard thing to achieve. India, as a country is trying its best to help its citizens to fight this crisis and thus maintaining peace and security in the country.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that the views and opinions expressed are of the author, and not Law Colloquy.